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Berwick Project

A wide angle shot of sandstone pavers next to an ocean blue pool.

An Overview of Our Berwick Project

We brought fantastic results to this home in Berwick.

We had the luxury of transforming this client’s outdoor area, specifically ensuring they had a paving job that accentuated and highlighted their pool and entertainment area. 

Ferguson Landscape & Design consulted with the client about their goals and consistently stuck with their vision throughout the entire project.

As a result from our work, we were able to meet and exceed the clients expectations and brought new life to their backyard through gorgeous sandstone pavers.

Interested in learning more about how we did it?

Feel free to read the rest of this project and how we can achieve similar results for your Berwick home.

How We Achieved Our Great Results

Excellent craftmanship & years of industry experience.

With a set goal in mind, we were able to bring the clients vision to life. 

Through rigorous manpower, we firstly had to remove the old pavers that weren’t living up to expectations.

This then laid the foundation for us to work with, allowing us to understand the best way to approach the job with the client’s expectations at our forefront.

We were then able to lay our sandstone pavers sourced from a local supplier and completed the paving job in a matter of days.

We are in the business of delivering results that provide long-lasting quality and satisfaction and we’d be thrilled to do the same for your home.

Sandstone pavers next to a blue pool with a water hose in the pool.

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