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Drouin Project

Black concrete pavers in a front yard.

Inside Our Drouin Project

No matter your location, expect industry-leading quality.

Our Drouin job required us to not only help transition their front yard into an aesthetic, vibrant and clean space, but we were also required to transition their backyard into a safe and great entertainment area for friends and family.

Regardless of wherever your property is in Melbourne, Ferguson Landscape & Design aims to bring a level of quality that is simply unmatched by rivals, both with the initial consultation and final finish.

Understanding our client’s needs are essential in providing the best results. Consulting with you on your vision allows us to help bring it to life and transform your home to enjoy for years to come.

Firstly we started with the front yard, given its the most publicly viewed area of your home to ensure we could bring it in line with modern and contemporary finish.

Front Yard Transformation

A fully-rounded property job.

A Blueprint For The Best Results

Results-driven for an unrivalled finish.

Given our expertise and years of industry experience, we were able to help revitalise their front yard and backyard with ease and without hurting the budget.

The front yard needed some work done, which involved some concrete paving, forming a sub-base to support the pavers and to help complete the overall aesthetic and function of the front-door walking area.

The side garden also required some work to which we filled with choice plants and some tanbark to tie together the front yard.

Our goal was to help achieve a functional space that played well with their overall property layout. 

With our client satisfied with their front yard transformation, it was now our aim to revitalise their outdoor space into a safe and enjoyable, entertainment living area.

Black concrete pavers in a front yard.

Backyard Transformation

A complete property project.

An after photo of a natural turfing and tanbark job in a Drouin backyard.

Only The Best For Your Home

We bring results on-time and on-budget.

Given the initial look of the backyard, we were tasked with shaping the overall space, taking it from a muddy mess to a functional outdoor area.

Natural turf was laid to give a more realistic feel, along with concrete pavers around the pergola to ensure functionality and safety for the homeowners and purpose of the backyard itself.

Our client’s vision was completed overall, with a complete transformation of their front and backyard living spaces all on-time and on-budget.

We pride ourselves on being able to perform any job irrespective of size or location, to the same degree of quality.

Ferguson Landscape & Design took this home’s most important aspects and delivered a contemporary finish that met and exceeded our client’s expectations.

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