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Retaining Walls

Melbourne’s best retaining wall builders.

#1 Retaining Walls Melbourne

Over our many years servicing Melbourne, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that’s allowed us to design and install structurally sound, modern, attractive and safe retaining walls designed to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

We understand the need to accommodate to your outdoor situation, so we’re able to provide a flexible solution of concrete and timber sleepers, for those areas that may not be as susceptible to the harshness of the Melbourne weather.

Here at Ferguson Landscape & Design, we’re local retaining wall specialists and pride ourselves on providing a wide range of retaining wall systems that are long-lasting and secure backed by the industry’s best and renowned suppliers, such as Van Steensel and Adbri Masonry.

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A rendered block retaining wall with artificial grass and bluestone pavers at a Melbourne property.
A timber sleeper with bark at a Melbourne property.

Timber Retaining Walls

A concrete retaining wall.

Stone Retaining Walls

A bunch of styled and natural rocks to form a landscape.

Rock Walls & Rock Work

A retaining wall is a foundation that holds soil, dirt, or any other formation of earth behind it. It aims to withstand the external pressure or force of soil or earth with a significant decline. There are many forms of materials used to create retaining wall systems, such as concrete blocks, treated timbers, natural stones and rocks and rendered block.

The life cycle of a retaining wall is dependent on its material, the environment, climate and exposure to elements. Timber sleeper or treated timber solutions have an expectancy of 20-30 years. Brick masonry and concrete retaining walls are expected to last up to 50-100 years depending on the quality. Any wall system with galvanised steel uprights are expected to last much longer, but are more expensive.

Here at Ferguson Landscape & Design, our retaining walls are constructed with minimal need for ongoing maintenance given we only select and build the most suitable retaining walls based on these factors.

We have had an illustrious and decorated career in landscape design and construction over the course of many years, building and constructing a range of retaining wall systems for homes and local businesses all over Melbourne.

Your needs for a structurally-sound and safe wall systems is something we get, which is why we’re a great, cost-effective choice for your home. 

When you get experts to do the job for you, it eliminates the need for a time-consuming DIY job, so you can get back to living life and letting us do what we do best!


A timber retaining wall construction before it's been built, at a home in Melbourne.

Hand-Crafted To Fit Your Property

Ferguson Landscape & Design is your one-stop-shop for durable, reliable and safe retainer walls, best suited to your outdoor aesthetic, property, purpose and environment.

Retaining walls are a great choice to visually enhance the look and feel of your home, but picking the right one to compliment your garden space isn’t an easy task.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide Melbourne’s best retaining walls that are durable, appropriate to your property situation and conform to council requirements.

Being able to provide timber and concrete sleepers lead our flexibility,  as well as treated pine/galvanised steel post walls for a great economical choice.

 It’s no secret that we provide the best value on retaining walls in Melbourne.

Melbourne's Retaining Wall Experts.

The trusted retaining wall specialists in Melbourne.

We specialise in having a wide skillset, being able to produce functional, aesthetic and complimentary concrete, stone, rendered block or treated pine walls to ensure your garden bed is structurally integral and safe and can withstand the elements and weight behind it.

We offer a wide range of cost-effective retaining wall systems that suit best your environment and space.

Whether you’re located in Melbourne or the south eastern suburbs, we’re certain we can help elevate your outdoor space.

A before and after shot of a rendered block retaining wall.

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A front lawn with some timber retaining wall systems set up, at a home in Melbourne.

Purpose-Built & Long-Lasting Quality

Excellent craftsmanship through years of industry experience.

Given our expertise as retaining wall Melbourne contractors, we help with the decision making on a retaining wall system that suits your property and environment.

Concrete sleepers are an excellent choice given their strong foundation and are less susceptible to termite and water damage. They are guaranteed to last longer and whilst they may cost slightly more than treated pine sleepers, we’ll make sure it doesn’t break the bank. 

We also offer rendered block walls that bring a sleek and pristine finish to your outdoor space, perfect for garden edging or areas that require a low-lying wall.  

We’ve amassed a reputation of the best retaining wall builders out there, so we’re confident we have a solution that will fit your home needs.

Transform Your Outdoor Area

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